Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bout of Books 11 Day 2

It's almost the end of day two! Today's challenges are the OTP Challenge and the Book Spine Poetry Challenge!


 I've been slacking a little bit, but I got about halfway through Flat Out Love and halfway through Letters to Skye.
Books: .9 (two halves but not a whole?)
Pages: 295

OTP Challenge

Belly Conklin and Conrad Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

I've shipped more pairings than a cargo ship, but it always comes back to Belly and Conrad. The Summer series is what got me into reading YA and it remains one of my favorites even years later.

I loved Belly and Conrad's story because it was heart wrenching without making you sob, because sometimes you just need a good summer read. 

The Summer Series has one of the worst love triangles because the two boys are brothers. Jeremiah was always there for her as a best friend, but someone she and Conrad just seemed made for each other.

(*Spoilers ahead for those who have not the second and third books*)

From the boys' mom dying to Belly actually being engaged to Jere at one point, Belly and Conrad prove their love for each other over and over again. My favorite moments between them is the time they spend together at the beach house during the winter because its so different than in the summer time, but its still just as perfect!

Book Spine Poetry

The idea is to make a poem out of the titles of books. It doesn't have to rhyme or make sense but you get one free extra word to use per book used. So without further ado...

By the time you read this I'll be dead.
Maybe some day
Unbreak my heart.
But now
My name is memory.
P.S. I love you
I always loved you.

Extra words (4/6 used): you'll (you/will), but, and now

How are you guys doing on the read-a-thon? Better than me I hope! Leave a comment with a link to your update below and I'll check your post!

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